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Why Have a Maintenance or Protection Plan

12 Key reasons why you should invest in a maintenance or protection plan for your heating and cooling systems:

  1. Prolong the life of your equipment through
    • Regular scheduled tune-ups and professional cleanings
    • Correction of minor problems before they become major expenses
  2. Minimize energy consumption through scheduled maintenance
    • Proper adjustments and cleaning can reduce energy consumption up to 10%
    • Get more cooling/heating energy for your dollar
  3. Reduce the likelihood of emergency calls
    • Protect your investment
    • Extend the life of your equipment and increase efficiency through proper maintenance
  4. Prompt Service
    • Should you need emergency service, you get it fast. Service agreement owners get priority over call-in customers
  5. Service 24 hours a day from ClimateCare professionals
    • A group of professionals who work to the highest industry standards
    • Mandatory and ongoing training assure you of the highest skill levels in diagnosis, repair and installation of equipment
  6. Transferable
    • Should you sell your home, the agreement is transferable to the new owners
    • Makes your house more marketable
  7. Professional service the original manufacturer recommends
    • All service is scheduled when it will do the system the most good, yet scheduled conveniently for you
    • Enjoy protection of equipment warranties
  8. Comprehensive service record maintained on all equipment
    • Running records of service performed
  9. Easy payments
    • Personal Cheques, Visa or Master Card
    • Financing plans available with some members
  10. Planned Service Customer discounts
    • As a Planned Service Customer, you will qualify for special discounted pricing should the need arise for new replacement equipment
  11. Safe operation
    • All safety limits and controls inspected and tested, ensuring your peace of mind
  12. Added Value
    • As a Planned Service Agreement holder, you pay no extra premium for emergency overtime

To learn more about our HVAC maintenance plans in Cornwall, contact Walker ClimateCare to speak with one of our associates.

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