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Northern climate can fluctuate quickly between hot and cold.  In the middle of a cold winter a warm wind can blow, turning the next sunny day into almost spring.  With such extreme temperature changes a proper functioning heating and air conditioning system is a must.  Walker Climate Care is proud to be the Vankleek Hill  Heating And Cooling resource.  Never be stuck.  There is no need to suffer in the heat, or cold because your system is not working properly, we can help.

Walker is proud to carry top quality products, and to have specially trained technicians to install, maintain and repair systems.  Whether you need maintenance, repairs or are in the market for a new system, Walker Climate Care is here for you.

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Are you frustrated with you heating and air conditioning bills?  Maybe all you need is a new smart thermostat.  The old systems of controlling temperature are not as intuitive and sensitive as the new thermostats.  Give us a call, let’s see if your present system can work with a new green thermostat control.

We also know how important maintenance is so we have heating and air conditioning Maintenance and Protection Plans that will save you money.  Whether it is just maintenance or important repairs, these plans keep you covered.  Regular maintenance will also help identify issues are before they become  expensive issues.

Vankleek Hill
Vankleek Hill is part of Champlain township in eastern Ontario. We even have our own microbrewery!

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