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Heat Pump Repairs

Heat pumps, like all mechanical appliances, require regular maintenace to minimize unwanted failures and costly repairs.

Whether you need emergency service to get your heat or cooling restored, or are looking for regular maintenance to ensure you avoid these inconvenient interruptions, we're here to help!

Regular heat pump service
includes things like:

Having your heat pump maintained by professional offers many benefits including increased reliability, higher efficiency driving lower utility costs, and peace of mind that your unit is operating at peak performance. By paying for a Precision Tune Up, in the unlikely event you do need service on your heat pump, you won’t pay a dispatch fee for 90 days following your tune up. If your tune up was paid for through a monthly membership plan, you also benefit from generous discounts on all repair jobs, and a lower overall cost divided into simpler monthly payments. 


Read more about membership plans here.

Heat Pump

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Do you need heat pump repair or service?

When not maintained, heat pumps can fail like any mechanical appliance. If your system is exhibiting any of the following symptoms, please call a licensed professional for a thorough diagnosis and repair:

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