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Geothermal Heating & Cooling – How it Works

Ground/water source heat pumps are the most efficient heating and cooling technology available today.

  • A ground source heat pump gets its heat from a circuit of pipes buried in the ground. A refrigerant solution circulates through the pipes picking up the natural heat of the earth which is extracted by the heat pump
  • A water source heat pump can be used if you have a well, pond, stream or lake. In this case the water is drawn up directly to the pump’s heat exchanger where its heat is extracted and the water is returned to the source

In both cases, the process is reversed in summer when heat and humidity are drawn from the house to provide central air conditioning.

Aside from cutting your heating bills by up to 65% and giving you efficient air conditioning, ground/water source heat pumps can lower your water heating costs on average by 50%, and provide you with free heat for the hot water tank when your air conditioning is operating.


  • Compared to electric resistance heating, a ground source heat pump may save you up to 65% on your electrical heating bill, and up to 25% on air conditioning
  • Some models also provide water heating


  • Check air filters monthly and clean or replace if necessary
  • Have a ClimateCare heat pump contractor inspect your unit annually