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The weather in Ontario can be unpredictable, changing quickly from cold to hot and back again!  People who live here generally enjoy the seasons, however they do need to be prepared.  Every home and business needs to have a proper functioning heating and air system!  Walker Climate Care is proud to be the Crysler Heating And Cooling resource.

If you are looking for a trustworthy company for your heating and air conditioning repairs and maintenance Walker is it.  We carry top quality products, and we repair and maintain previously installed products.  We have a team of specially trained technicians to install, maintain and repair systems.

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We handle repairs of air conditioning systems, water heaters and humidifiers and more.  We have heating and air conditioning Maintenance and Protection Plans that will save you money on any needed repairs and that are set up to include regular maintenance for your system.  This will help ensure that your system is always running smoothly.  Regular maintenance will also help identify any potential issues are before they become large expensive problems.

Crysler is a relaxing quiet community that is only 30 minutes away from the bustling environment of Ottawa.  We have a strong community, with plenty of residents that participate in events and community planning.  We have plenty to do with organized sports programs, community events and of course our annual events.

Walker Climate Care Crysler is also proud to serve the areas listed below;
Apple Hill, Avonmore, Alexandria, Bainsville, Berwick, Camerons Point, Casselman, Cornwall, Creg Quay, Crysler, Dalkeith, Dunvegan, Embrun, Finch, Glen Walter, Green Valley, Ingleside, Lancaster, Limoges, Long Sault, Lunenburg, Martintown, Maxville, Moose Creek, Morrisburg, North Lancaster, Osnabruck Centre, St. Andrews, St. Isidore, Summerstown, Vankleek Hill, Warina, Williamstown