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Service: Available 24 /7

About Walker

Walker ClimateCare Since 1972

Mission – Building a better quality of life for our team, our customers and their families.

Vision – To be the best employer in S.D.G. and Akwesasne.

Core Values

  1. DEPENDABILITY: Our Customers know they can depend on us to be trustworthy and reliable time and time again.
  2. EXPERTISE: We will continue to grow our product knowledge and service options in order to provide our customers with expert solutions to all their heating and cooling needs.
  3. PRIDE: We take pride in our work, the team that we work with and the community that we serve.
  4. TEAMWORK: We will achieve success by working as part of team and helping others succeed.
  5. HUMILITY: While striving to be the best, we commit to recognizing we can always improve by accepting constructive criticism, being open to learning, seeking the perspective and advice of others with active listening, owning our mistakes, and giving credit to those who help us.