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Save up to $800

From January 13th - March 5th, 2023

For a limited time save up to $800 on a new Regency Fireplace with a rebate and in-store savings.

Purchase an eligible Regency Gas, Pellet or Electric unit and receive 50% of the discount instantly in-store and save 50% with a manufacturer's rebate.

Fireplace 1

Save up to $800

($400 Rebate + $400 In-Store Savings)

City Series Gas Fireplaces:

CB40, CB60, CB72, CV40, CV60, CV72, CC40, CST60, CP60

Fireplace 3

Save up to $400

($200 Rebate + $200 In-Store Savings)

Gas Fireplace Inserts:

Gi29, LRI3E, LRI4E, LRI6E, HRI3E, HRI4E, HRI6E, L234, U31, E33, E18E


Traditional Gas Fireplaces:

G600, P33, P36, P90E


Freestanding Gas Stoves:

RC500, H15, H27, H35, U38E, U39

Fireplace 2

Save up to $600

($300 Rebate + $300 In-Store Savings)

Contemporary Gas Fireplaces:

HZ40E, HZ54E, U900E, U1500E


Traditional Gas Fireplaces:

G800, B41XTCE, B36XTCE

Fireplace 4

Save up to $200

($100 Rebate + $100 In-Store Savings)

Electric Fireplaces:

E105, E110, E135, E195


Pellet Inserts & Stoves:

GF40, GF55, GFi55, GC60, GCi60


Freestanding Gas Stoves: